What’s All The Fuss About? BooTea 14 Day Teatox Review

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If you’re on Instagram then chances are you’ve seen a lot of celebrities endorsing the teatox. From Bootea to Skinny Mint, Tiny Tea to BaeTea, there are just so many to choose from, but what’s all the fuss about?

What is a Teatox? 

Most of the Teatoxes available claim that by drinking the recommended quantity of their tea each day can give you detox results and can even lead to weight loss.

Why did I try one?

After having neglected my nutrition and overall health and fitness for a while I wanted something that could help boost my energy, (the teatox claims to boost energy levels) and kick start me into a healthier lifestyle again. Weight loss would be a bonus but really I just wanted to feel less bloated.

Bootea 14 Day Teatox Review

I chose Bootea because I was able to purchase it at my local Holland & Barrett store so really it came down to convenience when choosing which one to try. I decided to start with the 14 day instead of the 28 day teatox due to the price really and I thought it’d be best to try it first before committing to a full month.

You get two types of tea bags, daytime tea and night time tea. The daytime tea you have every morning upon waking, or when you have time but the night time tea is for every other night, to be taken before you go to bed.

I thought both teas tasted really nice. I didn’t notice any immediate effects or benefits in particular from the daytime tea, the night time tea, however, I was pretty sensitive to. I would definitely not recommend drinking this tea if you are going out somewhere the following day. From information I had read on this teatox it seemed to suggest that you would feel the effects (similar to a colon cleanse) the following morning. Fortunately, I drank the first cup on a Friday night, as I didn’t get any symptoms until the following afternoon and then it was pretty uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Enough to put me off drinking the night time tea again. Although I would like to say, if I didn’t have to leave the house for a fortnight then I would have definitely stuck to the plan for the night time tea as it did leave me feeling slimmer and a lot less bloated but I would really prefer not to be caught off guard when out and about.

I kept up with the daytime tea though for the 14 days and I will say it did help with bloating, and I did notice a big difference in my energy levels at work throughout the day, because of this, I looked into whether or not I could buy the daytime tea on its own and it seems I’m not the only one who felt like I did, after high demand, Bootea have now made the daytime tea available as an individual product which you can buy here.

I didn’t lose any weight on this teatox but perhaps it would have been a different result if I had been able to keep up with the recommended pattern of the daytime and night time tea.

So, do I recommend this product?

All in all, Yes, I would recommend the Bootea 14 day teatox as a great way to debloat, kick-start a new healthy eating plan or just as temporary support to a balanced diet and fitness regime but I wouldn’t expect rapid weight loss from it and I would be wary of the night-time tea and when you drink it.

Bootea seems to have a fast growing range of detox and healthy living products which include multivitamins, shakes, even porridge and popcorn which I am really keen to try so do stay tuned for more reviews in the near future.

L x

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