Top 5 Places To Sell Your Clothes Online For Cash

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Can you believe that we are almost 3/4 of the way through the year already? In just 6 weeks it will officially be Autumn, and that means, time to reorganise the wardrobe.

I rotate my wardrobe each season as I don’t have a huge amount of closet space so my Autumn/Winter clothes are currently in a box under the bed, but around this time of year I like to get them all out and see if there is anything I no longer want/need that I could sell online to free up some cash for my new season updates.

Here are the top 5 places to sell your clothes online for cash…


I’m sure most of you have heard of or probably used eBay by now. The great thing about eBay is, you can either send your item to auction, just set a minimum bid amount you are happy to receive before selling the item and hope it gets more within the time frame you have chosen, or if it is an item that you want a specific amount for then you can set a fixed price. It is completely free to list an item and you won’t be charged anything if you don’t sell as eBay will only take 10% of the final transaction value. As the seller, you are responsible for the shipping.


Similar to eBay but with more of a social media design, making it very quick to either sell or buy items. You are able to send and receive private messages and people will try to haggle the price so you may want to consider leaving some haggle room when you upload the item. Again, there is no listing fee, just a 10% charge on the final sale price. As the seller, you are responsible for shipping the item.

Hardly Ever Worn It

This website is for designer items that are unworn, in very good condition or have minor defects. All items are screened before being uploaded to the website as authenticity is the most important thing to the company. They charge 15% of the final transaction value plus vat. As the seller, you are responsible for shipping the item which must be sent with tracked and insured postage.


Again, free to list an item. This website has more of a social side to it making it nice and easy to discuss the item you are selling with people who are interested in buying it. Something that is different about this website though is that you can also swap items!! Also, there is no fee for sellers as buyers pay a 4% service fee of the items cost.


This is another site for designer items however instead of sending the items directly to the buyer, you actually send them to Rebelle free of charge, who authenticate the item and wrap it in nice packaging before sending it on to the customer. Fees are calculated and vary based on sale price, click here to see a breakdown of the fees.

Happy Selling!

L x

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