The Best Things In Life Are Free – 10 Fun Things To Do That Don’t Cost A Penny – Free Printable

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There are lots of great articles and guides online giving ideas of things to do that don’t cost anything, however, I have found that a lot of them aren’t completely free. They involve the need for transport, buying food or equipment or even a particular type of clothing, so I have decided to put together a short list of things that the majority of people will be able to do without spending a penny.

If you want to make this a bit more fun, why not print out the free printable tickets below (I have printed my on kraft paper which is available from most craft stores but you could print them out on any coloured card you like) and write either some of the ideas mentioned in this post or some of your own and store them in a jar ready for when you need a bit of inspiration.

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Why not just leave the house and head off in whatever direction you feel like? I would recommend taking water, some spare change and a phone with you as depending on what kind of area you live in, I have learnt from past experiences that you can actually get quite lost but this is such a great thing to do with friends as it gives you plenty of time to have a good catch up whilst also being active.

Get Outside

Whether it’s a kick about in the park, a game of rounders/cricket with friends, frisbee with the family. Whatever you have sitting in the shed at home take it to your local field/park and play! Even just a game of catch with a tennis ball can be fun if there is a group of you…Or how about doing a bit of gardening? It’s a great way to get a free workout and a natural tan.


Who doesn’t own a pen and some paper? There is so much you can write about. You can either be creative and start your first novel or write a poem, make to-do lists, set goals, start a journal, make a bucket list, play noughts & crosses or hangman. These are all great things to do if you’re on a long journey or waiting for a flight.

Have an at-home spa day

Run a bath, paint your nails, make a homemade face mask, read the book you never have time to read. There are lots of other great beauty recipes online which you can make using things you most probably have in your kitchen cupboards already.

Organise Photos

This is a good one for a rainy day. Whether your photos are in a box somewhere or you have them digitally saved on your computer, why not have a sort through them all with your partner or family. If they are on your computer you could sort them into categories, maybe even create a photo montage or slideshow? If you have them stored in a box you could still arrange them into a collage on your wall or in an empty picture frame?

Have a movie marathon

Again, great for a rainy day. If you already have access to Netflix, Sky Movies, Now TV, whatever you use, try watching some films you would never normally choose to watch. Some of the best films I have seen are ones I would have never picked out myself. If you don’t have access to any Apps then close your eyes and randomly select a film from your own collection.


We all have to eat so how about trying to create something new or just something from the food you already have in the cupboards. Most people have eggs, flour, milk and sugar so you could make pancakes, cookies, maybe you have enough to bake a cake? Alternatively, cook something savoury from whatever you have. This is a great way to use up any foods that might usually go to waste. Get creative. You might even find you have enough for a picnic.

Create a vision board

You could do this using magazine clippings, Pinterest, or a suitable programme on your computer. Create a collage of your dream house, dream holiday, career aspirations, any goals you have. You could make it more of a mood board for a party you’re planning, a trip you’re planning, a room you’re planning to redecorate.

Play cards/board games

If it’s a nice day or evening, how about sitting out in the garden with a deck of cards and playing all your favourite card games. Or whatever board games you have sitting in the cupboard. You could invite friends over for games night, ask everyone to bring their own drinks and even a dish each?

Go foraging

This might not always be successful unless you really know what you’re looking for but if you know where to go and where to look then how about going foraging for free food. I live in an area that is full of rose hips which can be used for lots of wonderful home remedies and beauty concoctions.

Have fun!

L x




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