How To: Keep Your Whites White

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With all the wear and tear your clothes and washing machine go through, after time, your white clothing can begin to look a little grey, and nothing ruins an outfit more that dingy whites. Here are my top tips for brightening your laundry and keeping it that way…

Separate Colours

This may seem obvious but nothing will dull your whites faster than washing them with other colours. Always separate your washing, and even lights from whites. It’s easy to shove light colours in with white items sometimes if you have a lot of washing to get through but it really does make a difference to always keep them completely separate.

Hang On The Line

Sunshine is the best natural bleach. Just hang your clothes out on the line straight from the washing machine and let them dry naturally. I personally find items smell fresher as well when dried outside.

Add Vinegar

White vinegar is great for washing as not only does is help brighten dull fabrics, it also helps get rid of stubborn odours and softens so it is perfect for washing white bath towels. Just add a cup to the drum with your washing and wash as normal.


If some of your clothes are already looking a bit dull then try pre-soaking them in a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda for 30 minutes before washing as normal. The Bicarb helps to release tough stains, odours and with the added bonus of it being a natural water softener so if you live in a hard water area then why not add a scoop to your washing powder as well.

Use Glowhite

If you’re in need of something a bit stronger then Glowhite is brilliant. All you need to do is throw one pouch into the drum with your washing and wash as normal. Don’t forget to remove the empty pouch from the machine before reloading.Image result for glo white

I hope you have found this post helpful. Why not check out some of my other domestic posts here. If you have any tips of your own then please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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