How To: Keep Your Home Clutter Free

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For the last 4 years, I have been renting a home that is no more than 8 foot wide. It’s a perfectly comfortable living space for two of us but it is amazing how the minute we start to accumulate clutter on some or all of the worktops and surfaces it can literally look like the place has been ransacked, but I have found that the number one solution for combatting clutter is to give everything a home. If everything belongs somewhere, and if every time you get something out you put it back where it belongs, keeping clutter to a minimum is a lot more manageable.

See below some of my favourite and affordable clutter solutions…


Bowls are great for keeping all those everyday bits in one place i.e keys, loose change, safety pins etc and also those little things we seem to collect in our bags and pockets i.e spare buttons, hair clips, lip gloss etc and there are so many beautiful designs to choose from. I always keep one by the front door so that instead of dumping things on the side when you walk in, they go straight into the bowl. That way, you also never lose your keys.

1.Dakara Triangles Bowl | 2.Bird Print Bowl | 3.Dew Drop Bowl | 4.Blue Flowers Bowl | 5.Pink Hearts Bowl | 6.Barcelona Bowl | 6.Japanese Bowl | 7.Murcia Bowl 


Whether it’s for shoes, blankets, washing or just for carrying items up and down the stairs, baskets/bags are the answer. With so many sizes and styles to choose from you will absolutely be able to find the perfect one for whatever your need.


1.Two Stripe Baskets | 2.Stripe Fabric Bag | 3.Grey Felt Storage Bag | 4.Storage Bag With Handles | 5.Black & White Woven Basket

3.Small Storage

Organisation is key to keeping a clutter free home so finding the right storage for the right items is essential. A letter holder is great for keeping incoming and outgoing post organised, pen pots for all those wondering pens and pencils. A magazine rack is good for keeping all those catalogues in one place and a monthly sort through prevents the build up of out of date ones. For all those other bits and pieces, there are plenty of pretty boxes available that will look great anywhere.

  1.Grey Felt Basket | 2.Yellow Letter Holder | 3.Tray With Compartments4.Pen Tidy Boxes | 5.Magazine Rack | 6.Pink Storage Box |  7.Stacked Boxes

4. Notebooks & Calendars

Investing in a good notebook, diary or calendar will save you from all those appointment cards and scraps of paper that manage to spread themselves out around the house. Also, by keeping a notebook or diary in a specific place, you always know where it is when you need to make a note and book in a date.

1.Striped Spiral Notebook | 2.Floral Notebook | 3.Set of 3 Notebooks | 4.Today List Pad  | 5.Smile Notebook | 6.Initial Notebook | 7.2018 Calendar | 8.Mini Splatter Notebook | 9.Desk Calendar10.Diary of a Young Lady

There you have it, my favourite solutions for clutter free living. I hope you have found this post helpful, if you have any tips of your own then please feel free to share in the comments below.

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