How To: Become A Morning Person

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I’ve always been one of those people who loves mornings. Just the idea of “anything could happen today”  is enough to get me to jump out of bed, but I have recently noticed that mornings are a whole lot easier if you are prepared for them. By introducing a few new habits into your bedtime and morning routine, you should feel more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Step 1. Prepare for work the night before. If you have a packed lunch to make or an outfit to plan, then get it sorted and out of the way. I find this can actually help me sleep better knowing that I am going to have a stress free morning.

Step 2. Get enough sleep. This might seem obvious but believe it or not, you might actually be getting too much. For me I personally find 7 hours is the perfect amount, anything more or less leaves me wanting to snooze the alarm. I recommend finding out what works for you and make sure you allow enough time to get the full amount. If you have difficulty getting to sleep sometimes then you can read my How To: Relax Before Bed For A Better Night’s Sleep here

Step 3. Let the daylight in. Your brain naturally knows it is time to start waking up when the sun starts shining through your window, so maybe try leaving the curtains open for a more natural wake up call. If your window is perhaps a little too close to the neighbours to leave uncovered then you can always purchase one of these sunrise alarm clocks…


1.Denver Sunrise Alarm Clock              2.Bioxo Sunrise Alarm Clock

Step 4. Drink Cold Water. The first thing you should do after waking up, before anything else is drink a nice cold glass of water. This actually helps wake up your body and kick starts your metabolism which is an added bonus.

Step 5. Brush your teeth. I find that the strong mint flavour of toothpaste really helps me feel awake and refreshed and apparently the smell of peppermint has an energising effect on our bodies. However if you are the sort of person who needs a bit of an extra boost in the morning, you can now purchase the first toothpaste to ever contain caffeine…

Step 6. Shower. Using a revitalising body wash is great for helping you feel awake and refreshed. Some of my favourite products to use are…


                               1.Molton Brown                                        2.Neal’s Yard                         3.Naturally European


Step 7. Eat breakfast. Finally, nothing sets you up for the day like a good healthy breakfast. I like to have greek yoghurt with frozen berries and if I have time, a nice, refreshing cup of peppermint tea.

I hope this is a helpful and motivating guide for getting you up in the morning. Feel free to leave any of your own tips in the comments below.

L x

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