DIY Valentines Gift Bags

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If you’re looking for Valentines day crafts to do with the little ones, then why not try these easy peasy DIY Valentines gift bags? Believe it or not, they’re made using a potato!!

What you will need: 1 x baby potato, gift bags (quantity up to you), 1 x craft knife (to be used by adults only), paint (colours of your choice), Tissue paper (optional), cookie cutters (optional)

Step 1. The first thing to do is make your potato stamp. With children, I recommend using cookie cutters. Cut your potato in half. Push the cookie cutter into the potato so it is about 1cm deep, and then adults only, use a knife to carefully cut the potato around the cutter way.

Step 2. Once your stamp is ready. Cover the raised area in the paint colour of your choice.

Step 3. Simply use the stamp to print your gift bags.

Step 4. Fill the bags with anything you like. I always like to stuff gift bags with tissue paper as I think it makes them look that little bit more special and it’s a great way to hide what’s inside.

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