DIY Stamped Clay Gift Tags

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When it comes to celebrating, whatever the occasion may be, I think it’s so nice to find new alternative ways to wrap gifts. These clay gift tags are so cheap and easy to make but look so pretty and with a little bit of string or ribbon, they can be kept and turned into a hanging ornament for the home.

See below my step by step guide on how to make your own stamped clay gift tags…

What You Will Need:


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Step 1. On a clean surface, take a section of the clay and using a rolling pin roll it out to roughly 3mm thick.

Step 2. Then using the cookie cutter, cut out all the tags you will need.

Step 3. Using a pen lid or nail head, cut out a small hole for the ribbon. Then leave to dry for 24 hours.


Step 4. Once the clay is dry, all you have to do is stamp your design onto one side. You can use any colour of ink you like, I think metallic ink would look fabulous for Weddings or Christmas.

I really hope this has been an easy tutorial to follow and that you have lots of fun making these.

L x


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