DIY Mini Paper Doily Festoons

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What better way to decorate for a party than with these easy peasy mini paper doily festoons. See below my 2 step guide for how to make them…

What you will need:

  • Mini Paper Doilies
  • White Thread (as long as you like)
  • Needle
  • Double Side Tape
  • Scissors


1.Pack of 100 in 5 colours £5  |  2.Pack of 75 £3.45  |  3.Pack of 100 in 2 colours £2.99


Step 1. First, using scissors, cut a section out of the paper doily, then fold the two outside edges over each other to create a cone shape and fasten on the inside using double sided tape. Repeat with as many doilies as you like for your festoon.

Step 2. Using the needle and thread, sew through the top of each of the cones until you have the desired length of bunting, and there you have it. As easy as that, your very own paper doily festoons.

If you are looking for decorations suitable for the evening, why not tape the cones around some solar fairy lights for the garden?

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