Buying A House & Taking Some Time Off

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When I first started blogging back in April of this year I intended to keep my blog and my personal life pretty separate, of course, I would be sharing my knowledge, experiences, thoughts and opinions but I didn’t have any plans to share details of my daily life, however, I have come to realise it isn’t quite as simple as that. My personal life is obviously going to affect what I am thinking about, reading about and creating and therefore, ultimately, in some way will end up on Ducks all in a row but I have also realised that as I reach new milestones in life, or discover something new, I want to share my personal experience of that in the hope that it can also support and encourage you through similar events.

So, on that note, I am so excited to finally be able to share our really exciting news…..we’ve bought a house!!

I, first of all, wanted to share this news because I am actually going to be taking some time off from blogging. If you’ve read my “about me” page then you’ll know I work full time as a designer for a gift and greeting card publisher so I blog in the evenings and at weekends only and with moving into a house that needs quite a lot of work I not only want to have time to plan, prepare and redecorate, I also want to have time to enjoy the whole experience.

Secondly, I plan to eventually share with you our experience of buying our first home, how we saved for our deposit, what we were looking for in a house, the process of redecorating and eventually renovating our home, and everything else that comes with buying and moving into a house.

I hope you can bear with me and in the mean time I will still be on social media and Pinterest so be sure to follow my accounts if you want to keep in touch and get updates. I plan to return early to mid-November, just in time to get ready for Christmas!!!

Thank you so much for reading and following so far and I hope you’ll be back in a couple of months when I return.

L x

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