Beauty From Within – 10 Foods For Glowing Skin

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So many of us are constantly looking for and spending a lot of money on new skincare and make-up that we hope will help give us that gorgeous natural glow, however what a lot of people don’t realise is that what we eat has a huge impact on our skin and the way we look, so making sure your body is getting all the right nutrients is essential to your beauty regime.

Here are 10 foods that are packed full of skin nourishing ingredients…

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are an absolute super food when it comes to skincare. Not only can they help reduce the signs of ageing by fighting free radicals and promoting cell regeneration, they increase collagen and elastin production which keeps skin smooth and firm, and helps keep your skin hydrated which encourages that glow we are after. There are so many great ways to add these to your diet as well, I often add them to greek yoghurt in the morning for breakfast, but you could put them in your porridge, add to a salad or a sandwich, eat them on their own as a snack, add them to a dessert or as a topping on a pizza, you can even add them to your drink. To be honest, you can pretty much add them to anything, they work for both sweet and savoury.


Blueberries contain a number of skin clearing antioxidants but they are also high in Vitamin K which is shown to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and skin discolouration, and is regularly used by cosmetic companies in skincare products. You can introduce these into your diet by adding them to your cereal, eating alone as a snack or adding to a dessert. Just having a handful a day will give you the nutrients you need for all of these amazing benefits.


Due to the high level of Omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts they are incredibly beneficial for not only your skin but also your hair. They help revitalise and rejuvenate your skin giving you a flawless glow and increase blood circulation to the scalp promoting strong and healthy hair growth. Again walnuts can pretty much be added to anything such as cereal, yoghurt, salads, desserts etc making them an easy addition to your meals.


Lycopene which is the nutrient responsible for making tomatoes red can actually increase your skins natural SPF so this is the perfect time of year to increase your tomato consumption, ready for the summer sun (you should continue to use a high factor sun lotion). Also containing high amounts of Vitamin C means they encourage brighter more radiant looking skin. You can eat them fresh or cooked. When fresh they contain a higher amount of Vitamin C to when cooked, however cooking tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene so you can taylor them to your skin needs.

Dark Chocolate

Good news if you’re a chocolate lover. Dark chocolate is rich in lots of Vitamins and Minerals that can help improve blood circulation, increase your natural SPF and hydrate your skin which is vital when looking for a healthy glow. Plus, it helps reduce stress hormones which can cause skin to look dull and tired. Why not have a couple of squares of dark chocolate as a healthy alternative to dessert?

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are especially known for promoting youthful glowing skin. They are rich in selenium and Vitamin E which assist eachother in neutralising free radicals and can protect against sun damage. Also the magnesium contained in sunflower seeds can support digestive health which promotes a healthy complexion. You could add these to a salad/fruit salad or just eat alone as a snack.

Pumpkin Seeds 

Due to essential fatty acids found in Pumpkin seeds they can help maintain and balance the natural oil and moisture levels of your skin along with many more benefits including sun protection and cell repare. They also promote strong and healthy hair growth. I actually like to mix sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds together and add them to my salad at lunch to add a bit of texture and get the benefits of both.


Spinach contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Folate which can help improve skin tone, clear your complexion and eating just a portion of spinach a day can improve dry dull skin due to it’s hydrating vitamins and minerals. Spinach is one of my favourites foods, I put it in salads for lunch, add it to omelettes, pizza, pasta sauces, soup, curry, it is another food that is so versatile making it an easy addition to your diet.


Carrots are amazing for giving your skin a healthy glow. Not only are they loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C which as mentioned before improves skin tone and encourages brighter more radiant looking skin, they can also give you a bit of a tan, so if you are looking to get a natural sun kissed glow ready for Spring/Summer then eating beta-carotene rich foods can help you on your way to achieving that. Just one carrot a day contains enough beta-carotene to make a difference. Fresh carrots contain more Vitamin C to when cooked but cooking carrots increases the beta-carotene, so like tomatoes you can taylor the way you eat them to your skin needs.


Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts you can eat and another food rich in Vitamin E which is essential for maintaining nourished and younger looking skin but they are also high in protein which not only helps to strengthen and firm your skin, it can also promote hair growth. A handful of almonds make a great healthy afternoon snack.

There are so many other incredible benefits to eating all of the foods listed above, not just the fact that they can save you money on cosmetic products, so unless you have allergies there really is no reason not to try and add them all to your meals as often as you can. I actually find that the more I know about the nutritional benefits of the food I am eating, the more motivated I feel to eat healthily so I hope this has encouraged some of you to introduce all or some of these foods into your diet.

Feel free to leave any of your own beauty nutrition advice/tips in the comments below.

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