Welcome to Ducks all in a row.

I’m Lollie Dunbar, a twenty-seven-year-old textile designer currently living in a small town on the outskirts of Oxfordshire with my boyfriend of 11 years, James.

Born and raised in Abingdon, I’m the eldest of five, I have two brothers and two sisters. My Mum and Dad are also creative, my Dad being a director and animator and my mum an incredibly talented seamstress who is a huge inspiration for a lot of what appears on this blog.

I have a degree in textile design and have worked for a number of different brands in fashion and interiors. I currently work full time designing greeting cards and gifts for a company also based in Oxfordshire, which is great fun.

When I am not at work I usually spend my time finding new ways to be creative, healthy, active and organised on a budget, which is why I wanted to start this blog, as inspiration for an affordable and creative lifestyle.