5 Ways To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

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Having lived in a rented house that is no wider than 8ft for the last four years, I have become familiar with the challenges of living in a small space. With limited storage and square footage, I have had to find creative ways to make the space comfortable to live in. Just because a room is small, it doesn’t mean it has to be cramped, here are 5 ways to make a small room feel bigger.


This is a tip that most people will already know but it is key to opening up any area. Mirrors have the ability to make a room feel double the size so whether it is a hanging wall mirror or a leaning wall mirror, don’t be afraid to go big.


1.Round Mirror £295        2.White Mirror£45        3.Leaning Mirror £180

2.Neutral Colours

Stick to a soft neutral colour palette to keep the room feeling light and spacious and keep prints and patterns simple, too many colourful and crazy patterns can end up making the room feel overcrowded. If you are someone who likes a little bit more than simple then textures are a great alternative to prints.


1.Linen Fringe Cushion Cover £29.99     2.Paint Colours £43.50 – £74.50   3.Herringbone Blanket £65

3.Window Dressings

I personally find that when it comes to dressing windows in a small room, an all or nothing approach works best. So either go for full floor length curtains that can make a room appear taller or a very simple, understated blind, however depending on the room and the privacy you have from your neighbours you could even leave the windows bare.


1.Bespoke Linen Curtains £69.99+      2.Bespoke Linen Roman Blind £96

4.Glass/Acrylic Furniture

Glass or Acrylic furniture is a great way to add surfaces without overcrowding the room. I have an acrylic coffee table which really helps to keep what little floor space we do have, appear open.


1.Glass Coffee Table £195        2.Acrylic Chair £55

5.Multi-functional furniture

When you have a limited amount of storage, multi-functional furniture is the answer. There are some great pieces out there so this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style at all and you can also get creative with furniture you may already have. Turn a blanket box or storage unit into extra seating by adding a cushion or a cosy blanket.


1.Painted Storage Blanket Box £149        2.Ottoman £350        3.Shoe Storage Ottoman £152.50

I hope this post helps you to create a space you love. Feel free to leave any tips or ideas of your own in the comments below.

L x

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